You are about to start a journey in which you will discover that for the first time effective health care can be delivered with consistent and predictable positive results.

Watch the short video below, view the pictures lower down the page and then call (203) 366-2746 or click the Call Me Now button to learn the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ that will immediately have your shoulders not slumping forward when you relax your body. That way you can physically experience a sample of ABC™ right now for FREE so you will know this is for real.

Do not fall into the trap of:  I never have met someone who could do it before so I do not believe it can be done. That leads to the com­mon hu­man mis­take of be­liev­ing that be­cause you have nev­er seen some­thing done, it there­fore cannot be done -- That lead to no advancement of your life or your social culture. Test for yourself!  Do not believe us, try it physically on your patients today for FREE. Call  203.366.2746

You can indeed do this for your patients by doing the course and just applying it to them.

ABC™ Introductory Video

The Institute For Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is dedicated to educating practitioners
to provide a form of health care that produces consistent and predictable results.
We hope you find this website inspiring enough to learn ABC™
so that you to can get these results on your patients.

There is nothing to believe in ABC™, it is what physically happens. If you do not believe the video above the first thing to do is call us at (203) 366-2746 and ask for Linda or Alison to immediately learn the ABC First Rib Maneuver™. It is one of the few things you can do on yourself and get a result (your shoulders will just about not slump forward even when you totally relax your body) so CALL (203) 366-2746 and do it on yourself and on your patients to IMMEDIATELY know it is true. There is also a FREE Introductory Report and DVD you can get. Call (203) 366-2746 NOW to order the Free DVD and Report. Or, Click Here to Learn More

One of the first things to note is that when you do structural correction bodies should stay upright all by themselves without significant muscular effort as you see in the before and after first visit pictures below. These people really are letting their bodies relax and slump in the AFTER pictures as much as in the Before pictures but with true structural correction their posture stays up all by itself.
Or you can fill in the request found here to order the FREE Introductory DVD and Report. It teaches you how to do the ABC First Rib Maneuver™ so immediately the person's shoulders do not slump forward and you will know this is for real. Or call us so you can start using it immediately and find out Advanced BioStructural Correction™ does indeed do what we promise.


Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz


If you doubt the possibilities of ABC™ just look at these and decide for yourself. Have you ever seen any technique accomplish this with a human body?

Click on the pictures to see the breathing changes...

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This is Why ABC™ Practitioners are Usually Busy and Get So Many Patients Signing Up for Long Term Care

Video Testimonials

Here from several docs about ABC™. Must Watch!!!

A doctor describes his first ABC™ adjustment.

A doctor describes his experience with ABC™.

A practitioner describes her experience with ABC™

A doctor describes his experience with ABC™

A doctor describes her experience with ABC™

A doctor describes his experience with ABC™

A doctor describes his experience with ABC™

A doctor describes his experience with ABC™

A doctor describes his experience with ABC™

Click here to order the FREE Introductory DVD and Report.

Harmful Effect of P-to-A Spine Manipulation
View this video full screen so you can see how straight he is before getting the P-to-A impacts and how slumped after. When you are watching, note the P-to-A impacts on his spine are much less force than a typical 'lay the person prone and adjust P-to-A with force on a given vertebra,' because the P-to-A impacts are spread out over a larger surface area than when the treatment is only on a vertebra or two of the spine.

Practitioners taking just one Advanced BioStructural Correction™ live seminar and doing the test of taking a before picture, treating people with ABC™, taking an after picture and then treating people with typical P-to-A treatment of any type with an after picture are usually a bit taken aback at how quickly they can breakdown people's structure after correction.

It is astonishing how many people are so badly off structurally that even a P-to-A treatment that makes them mechanically worse still shifts the pressures on their body enough so they are tricked into thinking they are better. It is also the answer to why adjustments or osteopathic manipulations "don't hold".

Take the before and after picture test with your patients. If their bodies are not upright (heck, do it with your own body) when you say, "Breathe in breathe out and let your body relax and slump" at the end of treatment you may have moved bones but you have not made structural corrections. See the lady doctor below who had been trying to get her body corrected and her posture fixed for over a decade.

To Learn the First Rib Maneuver™ right now click the image to the right, type in your name and phone number and click "Connect".

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